Frequently Asked Questions

In past efforts to pass a school ballot issues for Neosho schools, many citizens cited decisions of past school boards or administrators as reasons why they voted “No.”  On this page we want to provide more information about past decisions, discuss what the district has learned, as well as provide straightforward information about the current ballot effort to improve facilities and make our schools safer for students.  If you have concerns about past or future decisions the district has made, please email us at and we will do what we can to address your concerns either on this page or through email.

The current effort to build safe rooms, update facilities, and provide excellent teachers for Neosho students is ultimately to ensure Neosho continues to be a place where people want to live and raise their family.  As voters prepare to go to the polls on June 2nd we are asking that you do not punish todays’ and tomorrows’ students for the decisions of the past.  If you have specific concerns about this effort please give us a chance to address your concerns.  Scroll down this page to review frequently asked questions (FAQs) and concerns related to past efforts and decisions.

(Each topic is linked to a web page.  Click on the topics of interest to learn more about past efforts and decisions, or find out more about the current effort to build a junior high for Neosho’s students.)

1. What schools in the district need storm shelters?  How will these buildings be used at the various locations? Where do we currently have storm shelters and how are those being used?

2. Benton Elementary and the Neosho Middle School were built without passing a bond issue.  Why can’t we do the same thing now to improve facilities?

3. If I vote “Yes” for Neosho’s students, how much will the investment cost me?

4. How do I find out if I’m a registered voter and where do I vote?

 5. How many times has Neosho used levies to build or improve facilities in the last 50 years?

6. What is the breakdown on the 3.35 tax for the Neosho School District on my tax bill?

7. What will the ballot language read on the June 2nd ballot?

8. What does the boundaries of Neosho School District look like?

9. Levies, bond issues, and assessed valuations are confusing.  Can you explain it in simple terms?

10. How does the levy for Neosho School District compare to surrounding districts and other districts in our conference?

11. Location and appearance of the performing arts center.

12. Improvement of facilities  near the gym at the high school (choir room, theater classroom, and updated locker rooms).

13. Location and appearance of the community multi-purpose and practice facility.

14. What is a Proposition C waiver and how would that revenue be used?

15. If we build a performing arts center at the north end of the high school, what happens to Hill Street?

16. How will the $22 million be spent on the proposed projects?

17. How long will it take to complete all of the projects and which ones would be completed first?

18. What is Neosho’s Future 2.0 The Next Step?