What Will I be Voting For?

On April 7th, voters will be asked the following question.

“Shall the Board of Education of Neosho School District of Newton Count, Missouri be authorized to: (a) increase the operating levy by $0.39 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for operating expenses of the District, including increasing compensation for employees in order to attract and retain quality faculty and staff, and funding the cost of capital projects of the District and (b) fully waive the Proposition C operating tax levy roll back as provided under Section 164.013 RSMo?

If this question is approved, Districts operating levy is estimated to increase from $2.75 to $3.14 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.”

Answering yes to this question will help generate revenue to provide safer facilities for students and community members, expand early childhood education opportunities, build and improve performing arts facilities, improve athletic facilities, and provide more competitive wages for faculty and staff to attract and retain teachers that are essential for academic excellence. 

Securing the Middle School for Students

Providing Safe Rooms at Field Early Childhood Center

Providing Safe Rooms at Central Elementary

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