Investment Cost of Voting Yes

So, how do I know how much a “YES” vote and investment in the community of Neosho will cost?

The vote on June 2nd is for a .39 cent levy increase to our existing levy of $3.35 per $100 of assessed value. If this ballot issue is approved, the owner of a house with an appraised value of $80,000 (with an assessed value of approximately $15,200) would pay property taxes to the school district of approximately $59.00. (see below).

Let’s take the example above.  The $80,000 home was assessed at $15,200.  The tax increase being asked for is $0.39 per $100 assessed.  This means you take the assessed value and divide by 100 ($15,200/100) = 152.  This is then multiplied by the levy.  The ballot issue will ask for an increase of $0.39 cents would mean (152 X $0.39) or a $59.28 tax increase for your home taxes (That is $4.94 per month).  Let’s look at the car assessed at $5,400.  ($5400/100) = $54.  You then multiply that by the $0.39 increase which is an increase of $21.06.

Using the example discussed above, a “YES” vote would increase taxes for a home with a market value of $80,000 and a car with an assessed value of $5400 by approximately $80 per year, or $6.70 per month.

For less than the price of a value meal per month at a fast food restaurant, we could increase safety and improve facilities in many areas of the district.

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You can use the chart above to estimate the cost of your investment in Neosho’s students.

The best way to determine your tax investment in Neosho’s future is to call the county assessor at 451-8258.   If you enjoy doing math, your tax statement that is mailed annually will break these areas out for you and you can use the example above to calculate your tax investment.   As the value of property increases, so will your tax liability.  In the same way, as the value of personal property decreases, so could your personal property tax liability.  We are not trying to hide the fact that a $0.39 levy increase does increase your taxes, but what we must keep in mind the tax increase is an investment that will go a long way for our community’s future.

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